All photos on I have Added to the website will be posted here for your perusal, the past news sheets will disappear. I have found a file with some usable photos in the website folder which I will be adding and naming Ancient Archave these I take no ressponsibilty for as most of them have no explanaition as to where or when they were taken. So you can look forward to that.

Group photo of the pilots and aircraft at the IMAC competition held at The Causeway Coast MFC on 3rd May 2014

Robert Graham with his immaculate Hawk
(photo courtesy of Mid Ulster Models)

Davy Connolly of the Buzzards who recently passed his "A" Test

Great photo of a turbine model on a low pass
(photo courtesy of Mid Ulster Models)

Stephen Scott of St Angelo
photo:- courtesy of St Angelo facebook page


Cracking photo of what I think is a Stryker on low pass
photo:- courtesy of St Angelo facebook page

Brilliant photo of a Sea Vixen
photo:- courtesy of St Angelo facebook page

Bangor Electric Stand at the North Down Model Exhibition 2014
photo courtesy of Bangor Electric MFC.

Real Flight Simulator now installed at The Buzzards MFC Nest
Thanks to equipment donated or loaned by members.

A stryker low at St Angelo photo Stephen Scott

Lovely photo of a glider at sunset photo Stephen Scott St Angelo

Another great picture by Stephen Scott at St Angelo

Robert Graham being presented with his C cert Aero by Robert Wallace

Davy Connolly of the Buzzards successfully passed his A fixed Wing

The IMAC pilots with there aircraft

Angus Balfours model

Robert Graham of Mid Ulsters Models aicraft

The prizes for the raffle all proceeds will go to MS

David Drummond and his aerobatic plane

Uncle Robert and Nephew Clifford with a rare bear
a very very fast wee model.

The smoke system of the Wot4 QL owned by Robert Wallace

The Wot4 smoking away

Bob Wells going up with his electric Bird of Time (I think)

Louden and Robert discussing technical details

Clifford Wallace with a Vector

Roy and Davy with Multicopters up and FPV running.

Mr John Smyth brings supplies in

A rare Bear and even rarer thing is Robert smiling on a photo
but after a fast flight with this model one can do nothing but smile
it's ballistic.

A cracking photo of Louden with what he described as the supersonic spitfire.

The "Craic" was mighty.

Clifford Wallace and Richard Boyd with the Wing Walker at The Portrush Airshow

A gliding technique used here to keep warm the front man is blocking the biting cold wind from the rest, and yes they are all good friends

2 Models in the Air. Not bad with a half second delay on the shutter! Stoo's model is nearest. Our Fly-in on April 19 was a great success, with support from Dublin and an excellent day for flying. John Hamilton has been helping the Dublin Aerobatic fliers by taking the train to Dublin, being given a lift to Phoenix Park, and spending the afternoon with them, marking their flights and helping them improve. When he asked about the new fence, his first question was “What height is it?”. It certainly shows up any deviation from level flight. Ivan and Stoo were able to come up here on this occasion, and this allowed them to try flying on tarmac. For those not members, Stoo won the CLAPA Classic League last year, and has also been awarded their Spitfire Trophy for the most improved Flier in 2013. Congratulations! The new fence was almost complete, and is a very permanent addition to our facilities. It has since been finished and one tiny defect corrected. We were very pleased that Councillor Jim Rogers, who was very much instrumental in securing the new fence, was down on the day and saw it all being used and appreciated as it should be. Regards Maurice