All photos on I have Added to the website will be posted here for your perusal, the past news sheets will disappear. I have found a file with some usable photos in the website folder which I will be adding and naming Ancient Archave these I take no ressponsibilty for as most of them have no explanaition as to where or when they were taken. So you can look forward to that.

Stuarty Porters Stearman on finals at South Derry MFC scale day Saturday 10.05.2014 looks just like the real thing all it needs is a wing walker.

South Derry MFC scale day
South Derry MFC scale day

Ricky Wallace kept everyone fed

Russ and Stuarty heading to the strip.
Some of the modellors gathering up

Robert Wallace. Sam Phenix and Andrew wallace

Bob McIvor flying his Radian

Paul on finals

An electric Ocullus in flight

JP takes the strain

Off she goes on the bungee

Climbing well

The after suffering an "event" when coming off the bungee the Albatross ended up treebound

Sam went to help retrive the model as in his own words he's been in every tree around these parts, and true to his word they got it down and with no damage. Maybe there aren't many trees in France or on the Great Orme, just joking JP

Richard, Robert and Mario deep in technical conversation.

Congratulations to Andrew Wallace and Richard Boyd who both passed there "A" Silent Flight (Thermal) in tricky conditions. Well done both of you.

Great photo from Stephen Scott at St Angelo

Photo courtesy of Stephen Scott StAngelo splash in

Beautiful Model photo courtesy of Mid Ulster Models

Saw this photo on Mid Ulster Models page with the comment "Going Flying" I have to ask the queation Dogfighting I presume . photo courtesy of Mid Ulster Models.

Stuarty Porters Stearman

Seamus O'Donnels Lansing

Robert McCartneys Turbulent

The Judges Tom and Ross hard at it.

Stuarty calls for Seamus

Yummy Lunch.

Photos from the Multicopter Event

The gathering commences

Much discussion takes place

A bench full of models

David Connollys collection

Models were set up and help passed around freely

The "craic" was good on the observation Gallery

Lots of tips tricks and trickery shared out

Clifford the chef and the modest BBQ laid on

Wil the winner of a bottle of whisky for finding the tricky marker

Peter who won a battle of spakling wine for finding a marker

Marios and colleague who jointly found a maker receive bottles of wine

Julio who didn't find anything but he comes from Brazil so we gave him a bottle of wine to drown his sorrows (world cup)

Some of the Gliders and Tow planes

Andrew with his cub tow plane

Hooking up

Away they both go

The little white thing in front of the glider is a shuttlecock on the tow line

The glider on finals

Watching from yhe gallery are left to right Paddy Bill, Ann & Ray Jones and Wayne.

Seven Towers got a good turnout

Stephen Brown, Ken Taylor and Ian Robb with a Wilga

Catching up

Tommy Mckendry and David Connoys good side.

The main man Archi the chef

Peter O'Kanes models

The Wilga on take off
A A fly by

On finals

Stephen browns Turbine powered Baby Boomerang

On take off

A fast fly by

On finals

Paddy under instruction from Clifford