Muliti-rotor craft are machines that have more than one rotor used to to propel them typically they start with four rotors and are known as quads which are the most common they can be used to carry loads and the most popular is a camera which does have legal implications. They are also failry easy to fly as they have computer electronics fitted for stability and GPS, and are available to buy in lots of retail outlets outside the model community, this also has seriuos implications as they are flown without any training or knowledge of the legal implications and with total disregard for safety. Some diplomatic discussions with one of the major retailers in my area has resulted in totally unsafe demos being given in the car park being stopped. Below are some photos of Multi-rotors at the Buzzards MFC in Coleraine and at Southderry MFC where mult-rotor flying is accepted as part of our hobby and they are flown in a responsible, safe and legal manner.
The Buzzards MFC hold an annual Multi-Rotor and First Person View Fly-In and this year it will be on the 12.07.2015 and can be found on the calendar also the BMFA recomendations can be found on the Area Bulletins

An align hexacopter with retractable undercarriage and go pro camera on gimbal
also a yuneeq which comes complete with camera and 3 axis gimbal

An Align 470 Quad with Gimbal and go pro camera

Waiting for GPS search

Align 470 Quad flown by Davy Connolly, note the safe environment.

A typical set up for serious work

Technical set up.

Video playback of the filmimg of a plane recovery at South Derry
the plane was landed safely the recovery are using the road to walk back.
the Multi-rotor filming was further away than it looks from the people.

Remember Fly Safely and if you have bought

one and want help contact us.